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Eagle Woods Academy is a unique environment within DeKalb County Public Schools. We provide comprehensive educational and affective treatment for students from 6th Grade through age 21 from DeKalb County, Rockdale County and the City Schools of Decatur. Eagle Woods offers a therapeutic special education service for students who are classified as having severe emotional and behavioral disorders (SEBD). The students have a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties and all are unable to function successfully in other public school environments. While our student population is extremely varied, most of our students have experienced significant problems in many aspects of their lives. The severe school-related difficulties students have experienced prior to placement at Eagle Woods generally have interfered with the continuity of their education and has resulted in gaps in their knowledge base and their academic skills. Eagle Woods Academy is different from other special educational services available in other DeKalb County schools in that a multi disciplinary team of educators, clinicians and administrators work together to assist students in understanding their feelings and behaviors, teaching students to behave in more socially acceptable ways and helping students discover self-worth and respect for others.

Our Goals

Image of GNETS logo Eagle Woods Academy is a therapeutic educational service whose mission is to provide holistic, meaningful instruction in a safe, supportive, structured environment. Our overall goal is to prepare students to continue their education in a less restrictive environment. Our interdisciplinary team works to foster social, emotional, and cognitive growth so that students may reach their maximum potential.

We intend to accomplish this mission by:

1. Building trusting relationships among all staff, students, and families.

2. Providing opportunities for each student to develop a feeling of self-worth, sensitivity to others, self-reliance, appreciation for cultural diversity, and decision-making skills.

3. Systematically utilizing available resources within the school system and the community.

4. Providing diverse experiences for students which foster successful transition into adult life.

5. Facilitating understanding and support for our students and their families within the community.

Awards and Recognitions

Eagle Woods Academy received SACS accreditation in 2004.

Eagle Woods was awarded a Pay for Performance Grant by the Georgia Department of Education for two consecutive years: 1997 and 1998.
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